MarketsNow was founded to provide a high quality, yet easy-to-use, source for financial market analysis. While there is no shortage of media companies that cover financial news in general, few can explain how developments in financial markets are relevant for the things that people care about. In particular, MarketsNow aims to answer common questions, such as:

  • Why is gold falling given that there is so much uncertainty in the world today?
  • What is the likely future direction of the euro against the British pound?
  • Why did the US dollar drop recently?

MarketsNow aims to answer such questions in a way that better conveys the story behind what is driving the markets, and what’s next. High-quality financial content is both limited and hard to find, and MarketsNow aims to change the status quo. By empowering you with the best information, we aim to help you make better decisions.



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Founder & Head of Research

Deb founded MarketsNow after realizing that there was an opportunity to publish high quality financial market analysis that would help people make better decisions. Prior to MarketsNow, Deb worked in a variety of roles across financial services. Specifically, he worked in foreign exchange trading in Hong Kong (GAIN Capital), in international payments – also in Hong Kong (Forex.com Money Transfers, World First) and in technology venture capital in Canada (VantagePoint Capital Partners, Tandem Expansion Fund). He is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Hong Kong.


Benjamin Shen


Benjamin studied a Master of Science in Economics at the University of Otago. His degree was awarded with distinction. He also studied a Bachelor of Science in Finance at the University of Canterbury on a scholarship. In between his degrees, Benjamin worked in Shanghai for a year, first as a business analyst at Ping An, and then as a translator at DNZ Loss Adjusters & Surveyors. Benjamin has passed the CFA Program Level I exam. In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys evaluating trading strategies and building economic models.

MarketsNow is based in Zug, Switzerland.