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About our currency converter

Our currency converter is designed to help you make the best decisions regarding currency exchanges. Use the drop down menu to choose the currencies you'd like to exchange, and the amounts of money you wish to convert. Our currency exchange rates are updated every 60 seconds, so you'll receive the most accurate currency exchange rates available.

As currencies are exchanged over-the-counter (that is, not in one single location), we rely on a large number of banks, foreign exchange brokers and data vendors to power our currency converter so you have up-to-the-minute information.

If one of our data sources fails to provide an accurate quote, we automatically use the next source in our currency converter database. This helps us to avoid possible errors, and keeps our exchange rates in line with the greater foreign exchange market.

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What you need to know before you convert currency

At MarketsNow, we understand that there are multiple factors that impact the strength - or weakness - of a currency at any given time. By analyzing current economic and political climates for the world's most-traded currencies, we provide MarketsNow users with accurate forex analysis that they can count on to make smarter financial decisions.

Knowing the going currency rates - and how they are likely to fluctuate in the near future - can save you money. Whether you're exchanging small amounts of currency in preparation for a vacation, or planning a large international purchase (or sale) of assets, the more you know about currency exchange rates, the better prepared you will be. With our detailed forex analysis, you can time your financial transactions to get the best deal.

View our live currency charts for in-depth forex analysis of the world's most frequently traded currencies, including: