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Euro daily update for 10th October 2017


The euro has now gained for three days in a row. Earlier, we warned that the currency looked oversold in the short-term, and was likely to rebound. Given Draghi's upcoming speech this week, speculation that the ECB is set to taper its quantitative easing program is rising. Yesterday, the ECB's Lautenschlaeger suggested that the bank "should begin purchases next year". She further claimed that "From my point of view, it is important that we really move towards the exit – step by step, but steadily and in a clear direction.” The euro rose as a result, and has continued climbing today. In political news, Spain's EFE newswire is reporting that the Catalan President is set to announce "gradual independence", following earlier reports that he may declare independence unilaterally today. Yesterday, we upgraded our outlook on EUR/USD to neutral.   

The EUR/USD exchange rate is now above 1.1780. Looking at EUR/JPY, the pair is up slightly and is currently just above 132.50. Despite recent pound strength, the euro is up against the pound this morning, with EUR/GBP now trading above 0.8940. 

This is a fairly light week for the euro in terms of economic data releases. The most important day this week is Thursday, which will include industrial production figures and a speech by Draghi. Speculators who are long euros continue to patiently wait for the ECB to announce that it will taper its quantitative easing program later this year. Thus Draghi’s speech will be watched closely for any clues that the upcoming ECB meeting will contain the big announcement that speculators have been waiting for.


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