Gold Daily Updates

28 September 2017

Gold prices continue to fall sharply, thanks to both rising interest rate hike expectations and Trump's tax reform plans. The Federal Reserve is the precious metal's ultimate nemesis, and suggestions that interest rates are set to go higher later this year have unsurprisingly caused gold to weaken. The revelation of Trump's tax reform plans on September 27 have also sparked hopes for the return of the 'Trump trade', causing growth and inflation expectations to rise. This has led to dollar strength, and a corresponding sell-off in the price of gold. 

While North Korea remains in the background, tensions have fallen thanks to conciliatory remarks from Trump. The President recently thanked China for its efforts in reigning in North Korea - China has instructed its banks to end all relationships with North Korean individuals and institutions. 

After its most recent peak close to $1,310, gold is now well under $1,300. The precious metal is currently trading close to $1,278. Our short-term and medium-term outlook on gold remains bearish.


Looking at the medium term picture, we remain bearish on gold in the medium term. Gold is currently correcting, having entered overbought conditions in early September. The recent bout has accelerated following the Federal Reserve's suggestion that future interest rate hikes are likely and Donald Trump's tax plan. Today, prices have re-entered normal trading conditions when looking at various technical indicators, and gold no longer looks overbought.