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Japanese yen daily update for 9th October 2017


The yen has been mostly flat this morning, as investors digest the potential risk of another North Korean missile test and tweets from Trump suggesting that talking to North Korea isn't working. Given that today is a holiday in Japan, there is limited news from the country. Earlier last week, we warned that USD/JPY was looking overbought and thus vulnerable to a pullback. Today, the pair is somewhat stretched but no longer looks overbought. We downgraded our short-term outlook on the yen to neutral this morning. 

USD/JPY is currently trading just above 112.60, having declined below 113 last Friday. EUR/JPY is trading flat this morning, have weakened last Friday. The pair is currently trading above 132.0. 

In this week’s economic data, markets will be watching economic surveys, machinery orders and services growth and cross-border investments. On Tuesday, we’ll see the economic watcher’s survey and machinery orders. On Thursday we’ll get the tertiary industry index and cross-border stock and bond investments. Given relatively strong survey data from Japan recently, investors will be looking for signs that economic growth is continuing.


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